In short, Spirited Cricket is a stretch on thinking, playing and performing cricket [life] differently.

We challenge the status quo by way of hosting spaces, facilitating platforms and inspiring opportunities for tangible expression of our priceless playing as winners abstraction.

We just happen to know that by this only, our spirited way of cricket play, will an ICC World Cup be our Eldorado (i.e. a place of great abundance)...for the benefit of current|coming generations.

These are our raisons d'être (i.e. reasons for being)...if it be yours too, feel free to be apart of our transformational team.



"In cricket [as in life], if we're playing to win...we win, we lose.
In contrast, when we're playing as winners, spirited cricket guarantees we'll win...no matter the outcome [of the match].
- Russel (Patch) Aspeling

“A cricket champion needs be a servant of the people.
A cricket catalyst needs be an opponent of ‘just not cricket’ conventions. For the most part, both these are unclaimed cricket charges.”

- Unknown



"There’s certainly a significant difference in ‘playing to win’ versus playing as winners. We are all born with a champion mentality inside us, spirited cricket reminds us of the empowering truth of playing as winners, lest we lose perspective of who we are and why we play."
- JP Duminy


We are a (not for personal gain) company of people who serve the merged sport and society populace by rallying player and non-player together as champions.


We are in the business of enabling role model champions in all communities using the vehicle of sport that inspires, more specifically that of playing as winners.


We focus on unifying champions with our Champion Conversations, thereby building relationships and encouraging effective and cohesively engaged partnerships across clubs, schools, corporate and communities.


Do you want to figure out an innovative way to promote your new product, expand into a new market, build a community around your team/company, and/or improve team/employee relations?