In short, everything we do is to see things anew, expand our awareness to connect with deeper meaning(s) and actively seek out more higher purpose moments.
The way we do that is by hosting spaces, facilitating platforms and inspiring opportunities for tangible expression of these priceless abstractions.
We just happen to believe that the way cricket is played creates such an Eldorado (i.e. a place of great abundance)...wanna journey with us to visit (or stay) at this place?
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Furthermore, every father’s heart is for his children to have only the best, fully maximize potential and realize dreams...of course, for the right reasons and in the right way.
We too think that leaving an enduring inheritance and an inspired legacy are aspirational privileges. We also believe that sport (i.e. cricket) plays a pivotal, foundational role in what dreams may come for our coming generations...these are our raisons d'être (i.e. reasons for being)...if it be yours too, feel free to join our transformational dream team.

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We are a (not for personal gain) company of people who serve the merged sport and society populace by rallying player and non-player together as champions.


We are in the business of enabling role model champions in all communities using the vehicle of sport that inspires, more specifically that of spirited cricket. Our focus is to unify champions through the building of relationships and the encouragement of effective and cohesively engaged partnerships across clubs, schools, corporate and communities.


By the 15th of July 2019, our legacy would inspire approx. 55 million South Africans to “play as winners” and finally morph into our inherited, now more tangible Rainbow Nation identity.